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The Good Grocer Applecross is our original store and has been operating since 2009

We have gained a reputation as being a local store packed with fresh produce, gourmet ingredients and hard to find imported goods. We are open 7 days a week, between 7am and 8pm.


In the Heart of Applecross

Situated within the heart of Applecross, The Good Grocer is surrounded by cafes and boutiques. You can meet a friend for coffee, before browsing the aisles of a store that has a relaxed farmers market feel.

Once you shop at this charming gourmet grocer you will discover all it has to offer, and you may even become a regular. Our staff are highly trained and friendly, and ready to assist with any enquiries.

Grocery and Gourmet Selections

What makes The Good Grocer Applecross different to a traditional supermarket is the range of food available. We specialise in stocking both everyday grocery items and gourmet goodies, so you can cook your traditional family favourites, or discover something new.

In store you will be met with a selection of imported and local groceries, and we pride ourselves on supporting our local farmers and producers. The added benefit of our collaboration with local growers means our fruit and vegetables are always fresh and of extremely high quality.

Among our gourmet options you will find delicious cheeses, breads, and antipasto. You will be spoiled for choice and the only problem you will have is deciding on just what to put on your next platter!

Those Unique Touches

Our extensive range includes our popular health food options, and we cater to both gluten free and vegan dietary requirements. Each day you will find a different menu, with hot meals made freshly in store by one of our talented chefs. We take the stress out of preparing dinner, by giving you the night off from cooking. We offer healthy choices that are an alternative to fast, fried foods.

Our chefs start planning, prepping and cooking at 4.30am, ready to open the doors at 7am, to serve freshly made bread, breakfast, lunch and dinner until 8pm.

All of our stores are environmentally sensible, and The Good Grocer Applecross is no exception. In this location we have installed solar panels to reduce the impact of our energy consumption and proactively implement other strategies to care for the environment. We encourage shoppers to bring their own bags, and have ensured we only stock paper and reusable bags at checkout.

A new partnership

The Good Grocer has partnered with IGA Xpress in 2019 to improve your shopping experience. As well as providing a range of unique local and imported gourmet food options you’ve come to expect from The Good Grocer, you’ll now have access to many more in-store specials.

A Community Conscience

At The Good Grocer Applecross we believe it is important to give back to the community. In order to do this we have a range of initiatives, these include our support for the following:

  • Applecross Primary School
  • Applecross Footy Club
  • MSWA

Where to Find Us

The Good Grocer Applecross is located at 39 Ardross St, Applecross WA 6153. We hope to see you in store soon, and our exceptional staff would be happy to help you to find what you are looking for.

For any customer enquiries please phone (08) 9316 2727

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