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Fruit & Vegetables

Handpicked in the morning and delivered to store same day. Freshness Guaranteed.

Jordan Brindle and his team out at the Canning Vale markets are responsible for ensuring that the range of fruit and vegetables, their quality and their price, are always top notch at The Good Grocer. Jordan will always have a preference firstly to buy local WA grown, in season produce; before casting the net to the rest of Australia, and then overseas for the out of our season produce.

Sticklers for quality, Jordan and his teams’ reputation precede them. Growers, with whom they have established long and mutually trusting relationships, know what is expected and they strive to consistently deliver to The Good Grocer high standards.

Almost half of our store is filled with a wide range of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables. You’ll find large crates of in season produce always to the highest quality.

We also love to stock the sometimes hard to find items, such as finger limes, spaghetti squash, mangosteens, cumquat, custard apples, jackfruit, fresh turmeric, truffles and more.

Tasting is so important, so you know what you are buying – try a sample or just ask us.

The Good Grocer Creations

The Good Grocer Creations meals based on customers’ need for the convenience of a takeaway meal without sacrificing the health benefits of home cooking. We have a team of in-house chefs based in the store cooking healthy, nutritious restaurant-quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner options all available grab and go 24/7, we utilise the access we have to the highest quality products across WA to guarantee freshness.

Special Orders

Having a small gathering or a special occasion party? Don’t stress, our chefs are your chefs – at the ready to cater to your preferences. Or you need a particular cut of meat or certain organic product, we’d love to help you source it. Just come in or call us for a chat.

Pantry Staples

Find all your everyday essentials with 1000s of products price matched to Coles and Woolworths.


Our bakery offers a selection of fresh bread, pastries, cakes and slices.

Baked fresh in store daily.


Seriously good cheese range.

We have over 50 cheeses cut from the wheel – sourced from local, Australian and international cheesemakers. We also offer a selection of tasty fruit pastes, fig and chutneys – the perfect accompaniment to your cheese board.

We encourage you to explore and discover – you can taste any of our cheeses anytime. Depending on your entertaining or event, we can cut your cheese to just the right size – from a sliver to a wedge or offer you a full round.


From cold meats and antipasti to ready-to-eat meals, salads, snacks and rolls, wraps and sandwiches. Convenience, freshness and flavour at your fingertips.

Our kitchen is at the heart of our store – serving hot prepared meals that you can devour right away, as well as prepared meals that you can heat and eat later. Chefs are cooking up fresh meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Meat & Seafood

Grazed, farmed or wild caught, our fresh meat and seafood is selected on quality and flavour.

Our dedicated butchers prepare tender and succulent choice cuts of meat in the same way as a trusted, village butcher would. Meat is freshly and expertly butchered each day, and you are welcome to request a certain size or cut so it’s just right for cooking tonight or vac-packed to take away on holiday.

Our focus is on Western Australian grown or caught but will source from the rest of Australia when required.

All orders and requests are welcome. If we can source it, we will; if we can make it, we will.

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