the good grocer collection

passion, tradition and love - wrapped in a label you can trust for its flavour and good value

The essential nature of The Good Grocer is to approach all food with a passion for uncompromising quality and taste.

As a result, we have developed and are proud to introduce you to our own brand – The Good Grocer Collection – which captures this passion and our reverence for good, wholesome culinary traditions.

The Good Grocer Collection is all about creating food that you can trust; meeting your expectations for consistently excellent quality at a great price.  We work with growers, suppliers and producers to create the unique products for the Collection; ones that meet our standards and our constant appetite for really good food.

The Good Grocer Collection range:

Banana Bread
Coconut Yoghurt
Fresh Juices
Free Range Eggs
Indian Bread
Japanese Style Meals
Passata Rustica
Pastured Eggs
Premium nuts, cashews, almonds, sweets and more
Quiches & Pies
Raw Honey
Ready to Eat Pasta Meals
Ready to Eat Salads
Salads, Herbs and Green Leaves
Shredded and Grated Cheeses
Sourdough Base Pizzas
Traditional French Macarons
Vegan & Protein Meals

Where can I find The Good Grocer Collection?

Since January 2016, The Good Grocer Collection can be found in our online store and in all The Brindle Group stores:

South of the River

North of the River

Rottnest Island

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