the good grocer collection

passion, tradition and love - wrapped in a label you can trust for its flavour and good value

The essential nature of The Good Grocer is to approach all food with a passion for uncompromising quality and taste.

As a result, we have developed and are proud to introduce you to our own brand – The Good Grocer Collection – which captures this passion and our reverence for good, wholesome culinary traditions.

The Good Grocer Collection is all about creating food that you can trust; meeting your expectations for consistently excellent quality at a great price.  We work with growers, suppliers and producers to create the unique products for the Collection; ones that meet our standards and our constant appetite for really good food.

The Good Grocer Collection range:

Arancini Bites
Banana Bread
Coconut Yoghurt
Entertainers Tray
Fresh Herbs Collection
Fresh Juices
Free Range Eggs
Gourmet Sausages
Hot Cross Buns
Indian Bread
Japanese Style Meals
Maple Syrup
Passata Rustica
Pastured Eggs
Premium nuts, cashews, almonds, sweets and more
Quiches, Pies and Sweet Tarts
Raw Honey
Ready to Eat Salads
Salads, Herbs and Green Leaves
Seafood Sauce
Shredded and Grated Cheeses
Sourdough Base Pizzas
Vegan Pizzas
The Farm House range
The Italian Collection
Traditional French Macarons

Where can I find The Good Grocer Collection?

Since January 2016, The Good Grocer Collection can be found in our online store and in all The Brindle Group stores:

South of the River

North of the River

Rottnest Island

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