The Farm House Margaret River

The Farm House Margaret River


We’re celebrating the heart of our state – the passionate growers, producers and makers who bring fresh flavours and quality products to our tables.

David Hohnen, a passionate farmer and former winemaker, established The Farm House in 2010, driven by a passion to farm and nurture produce ethically and sustainably. Their commitment translates into three core values:

Single-origin farming: They source their ingredients directly from trusted local farms, ensuring the highest quality and traceability.

Selective breeding onsite: Their on-farm breeding program results in exceptional consistency and well-being for their animals.

On-farm husbandry: Animals are born and raised on the farm, guaranteeing the highest welfare standards.

Beyond the exceptional way they raise and breed animals, what makes their products unique is the artisan touch. Crafted with time-tested methods and refined recipes, resulting in a unique regional flavour profile.  Their true passion, however, lies in sharing this experience with you. You can visit their Margaret River tasting room for a sensory journey that combines the personalities of their makers, the taste of the products, and the essence of the region itself.

In addition to the way their meat component is raised and breed, what makes their products unique is the artisan handmade nature alongside the recipe blends themselves, which have been refined over the years. When you combine these three things with an attention to detail the end result is a quality and balance unique to the region. We are most passionate about having people in our Margaret River tasting room space, showing them this in an experience which combines all the sensory elements with the personalities of the makers and the terroir of the region.