MJ Creations

MJ Creations


We’re celebrating the heart of our state – the passionate growers, producers and makers who bring fresh flavours and quality products to our tables.

MJ Creations isn’t just another bakery – it’s a testament to passion and a commitment to quality. Founded over 22 years ago as a home business, MJ Creations found its current owner Helen, a classically trained baker from the UK, 14 years ago. Helen was working as the manager, so when the original owner was selling, it made sense to buy it! The company is still in the same location in Claremont in Perth. The company ethos of traditional recipes made with real ingredients, she knew it was a perfect fit for her.

For her, MJ Creations is more than just a business – it’s about connecting with people. Helen thrives on listening to customer needs and create the best possible products. Helen knows that one of the greatest gifts is knowledge, which she loves being able to share that knowledge with her team who start with no experience in the industry, allowing them to realise their talent, which she values as much as the products made.

What truly sets MJ Creations apart is the dedication to using only the finest ingredients. Free-range eggs, real butter, locally sourced produce and no added artificial flavours are the cornerstones of the company. They hand-peel and juice oranges and lemons for their cakes, and even blitz fresh beetroot for their signature moist Chocolate Beetroot Cake. Every step is taken to ensure the highest quality and flavour.

Their dedication has been recognized at the prestigious Perth Royal Show, where they’ve consistently taken home awards. From Grand Champion for their Carrot Cake to Gold medals for their slices and brownies, MJ Creations’ commitment to quality shines through.

Helen’s personal favourite – the Apricot Crumble – is best enjoyed warmed with cream or custard or both!

So, next time you’re looking for a taste of home with award-winning flavour, find MJ Creations in our bakery section.