Mancini Pasta

Mancini Pasta


We’re celebrating the heart of our state – the passionate growers, producers and makers who bring fresh flavours and quality products to our tables.

Mancini Pasta was founded by Giuseppe and Adelina Mancini, who were migrants from Lazio and Calabria in Italy.  They started making pasta from their supermarket and soon developed an enviable reputation for fresh authentic pasta with both the local immigrant and the local community. The pasta’s popularity spread through word of mouth, prompting other supermarkets to include it in their offerings, making it a favoured choice among consumers.

Adelina has a clear vision about the way pasta should be made and enjoyed following traditional recipes.  Her legacy continues through her daughters, Julie and Camelia, who now run the family business with the same passion and exhilaration as their mother. Like most families, recipes are handed down from mother to daughter and at Mancini Pasta, this is no exception. Not only do they all adhere to their parent’s strict discipline of quality and authenticity, but they also remain inspired by their mum’s original Italian taste profile. Their father Giuseppe, universally known as Joe, a merchant from an early age, was innovative in processes, maintaining quality and cementing relationships with retailers. The branding of the Mancini Pasta range includes images from the Adelina’s and Joe’s wedding day along with Italian language descriptions to encapsulate the company’s commitment to authenticity.

To align with this discipline of authenticity and quality, Mancini Pasta only chooses finest natural Australia products. It is the base of all Mancini’s varieties of classic shapes and meat or vegetarian-filled pastas that are prepared daily at the family business’ premises in Perth.

Mancini Pasta enjoys a strong presence in the highly competitive retail and food service markets in Western Australia and the Eastern States, only servicing independent supermarkets, not major supermarkets.

Mancini Pasta believes the future of the company is to remain single-minded in creating exceptional quality authentic Italian pastas. Mancini Pasta is not intending to move on to readymade meals as they respect that most cooks and chefs want the finishes to be individualistically their own.

Mancini Pasta take great pleasure in sharing their family tradition of sitting down to a good plate of premium, authentic Mancini Pasta with their valued customers.

They are also proud recipients of several accolades at the Sydney Fine Food Show, including the prestigious title of National Champion Pasta for both 2022 and 2023. This triumph not only celebrates their success but also showcases Western Australia’s ability to excel on a national platform.

What’s particularly noteworthy is their win for Champion Pasta with Spaghetti, a classic pasta shape. It underscores the significance of authenticity and highlights the enduring appeal of the simple joy of pasta which is what Mancini is all about.

And of course, Spaghetti is the Mancini family favourite.