We’re celebrating the heart of our state – the passionate growers, producers and makers who bring fresh flavours and quality products to our tables.

Krunchilli isn’t just a condiment; it’s a family affair fueled by a shared passion for bold flavours. The story began in 2018 with Baz, the mastermind behind Krunchilli’s unique recipe. After countless hours of experimentation in the kitchen, he perfected a blend of textures and tastes that would soon win over hearts (and taste buds) across Australia.

Baz isn’t just the recipe creator; he’s also the face of Krunchilli’s in-store experience. When he’s not busy keeping the family business running smoothly, you might find him at Krunchilli’s retail outlets including The Good Grocer, sharing smiles, dad jokes, and of course, delicious samples of Krunchilli. So stop by and say “g’day” – a warm welcome and a taste test are guaranteed!

So, what exactly is Krunchilli? It’s a flavour explosion of toasted oats, fiery chillies, and fragrant garlic that adds a delightful crunch and a kick of heat to any dish. From eggs and pasta to toasted sandwiches and beyond, the possibilities are endless. You’ll be adding it to every dish!

Krunchilli’s commitment to quality starts from the ground up, or rather, the ingredients. Every jar is proudly made in Western Australia, using only the finest locally-sourced produce. Their base is a delicious and healthy blend of 100% cold-pressed, naturally filtered, and chemical-free canola oil.

Krunchilli isn’t your average chilli sauce. It’s an award-winning condiment, having taken home the gold medal at the 2019 Araluen Chilli Festival. This early recognition ignited a fire (pun intended!) within the Krunchilli family, and they knew they had to share this unique and versatile product with the world.

Today, Krunchilli is a staple on shelves across Australia. But their family roots remain strong. With nearly every aspect of the business overseen by a member of the extended Krunchilli crew, they take pride in creating a product that brings families together around the dinner table.

It’s a must try, and will become a staple in your pantry elevating even the most basic everyday meals. 

Find it in our produce section near the chillies!