Cheese boards are perfect for a picnic and when entertaining at home, for nibbles or as a serious course.

Here’s an easy way to create a seriously good cheese board

As a basic rule it’s good to offer a variety of texture and flavour – e.g. a hard, a soft and a blue.  Opt for the classic tasty cheddar, brie and Tassie blue. If you feel more adventurous, introduce your palate and your guests to some lesser known delights.

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A selection of good crackers and/or bread are always enjoyed with cheese. Fresh or dried fruit, such as muscatels, grapes, apricots and dates will complement your cheese and nuts too.  Arrange the fruit and nuts alongside your cheese on the board or platter. Fruit confit, such as quince paste have also become popular.

Another truly sublime serving idea is real honey on the comb with a round of brie. Your guests will think they are in heaven.

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