Not satisfied with simply playing a starring role in the morning fry up, bacon has conquered every meal of the day.

We know that beans, burgers and butties are most definitely better with bacon. The debut of appetisers ‘devils on horseback’ and ‘oysters kirkpatrick’ may have seemed brazen exploitations in their time. Yet now, we think nothing of picking up a bacon and caramel cronut or even having a slurp of bacon ice-cream (really?).


Bacon can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

If you haven’t yet tried these bacon combos, you haven’t yet lived. We know there are many more bacon tales out there, so tell us about your adventures with bacon.

Vegetables are better with bacon (your kids will ask for more greens)

  • spruik your brussels by tossing with bacon bits
  • wrap single asparagus or bundles of spears with thin slivers of bacon and roast in the oven

Fruit is better with bacon

  • bite size parcels of pineapple chunks wrapped in bacon on a cocktail stick
  • a ribbon of bacon to bind peach or nectarine segments with a dollop of cream cheese
  • envelope figs and blue cheese with bacon
  • prunes wrapped in bacon (aka devils on horseback)
  • banana pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Movies are better with bacon

  • snack on banana, caramel and bacon popcorn

Seafood is better with bacon

  • oysters Kirkpatrick – zizz your fresh oysters under the grill with Worcestershire sauce and bacon bits
  • scallops encircled in bacon or tossed with bacon crumbs
  • prawns bound in bacon

Dessert is better with bacon

  • chocolate and bacon cupcakes
  • maple and bacon doughnuts
  • peanut butter and bacon brownies
  • sprinkle crumbled bacon on walnut and coffee cake

Salads are better with bacon

  • add chopped bacon to potato salad
  • caesar salad
  • avocado, chicken and bacon salad
  • roasted sweet potato and bacon salad – find the recipe here.

Bring home the bacon!

P.S. pancetta or prosciutto work equally well for many of these combinations

P.P. S. We apologise to those whose religion or dietary habits cannot allow consumption of bacon.