Chocolate Strawberries


Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Indulge in chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert or as part of a romantic picnic. Also available in store for a limited time only for Valentine’s Day, for an easy option.

Time: 20 minutes

Serves 5


  • 100g dark or milk chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 400g strawberries
  • 30g white and milk chocolate, roughly chopped


  1. Place baking paper on a tray or plate and set aside.
  2. Melt your dark/milk chocolate by placing it in a heatproof bowl or jug, and melting for 20 second bursts, stirring between, until melted. Repeat with the white chocolate.
  3. Place a toothpick into the leafy top of your strawberry, and dip and twirl through the milk or dark chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off and then gently scrape on the side of the bowl. Place on the baking paper and repeat.
  4. Once you’ve done all the strawberries, grab a metal spoon and mix it through the white chocolate, let it drip off the excess and then in a flicking motion, drizzle white chocolate over the top of your strawberries.
  5. Once complete, place the baking tray or plate in the fridge until set, then enjoy!