Our deli is on the go from dawn ’til dusk to make sure you always have a delicious choice for every meal.

Because The Good Grocer is dedicated to what’s fresh, in season and offers the best flavour, the meals are wholesome and made with quality ingredients.

There’s always a wide selection to cover dietary bases and, of course, you can try a taste to help make your selection. Mix and match your dishes as you please.

Dinner is served from 4pm onwards.

Today’s menu

Depending on the cook’s choice of what’s fresh and best each day you can select from:

  • a pasta dish
  • a roast meat dinner and gravy
  • a salmon fillet
  • a vegetarian dish
  • or a curry with rice.

Other meals, ready to go

Looking for a quick option to heat and eat later? The Good Grocer Collection offers a ready-made meals that can be ready to eat in a jiffy, such as Tom Yum Brown Fried Rice, curry, Japanese-style meals and carbonara pasta.

We also stock well known, fresh meals by La Cucina, Chutney Mary’s and il Pastaio.