Fresh Every Day

The Good Grocer’s reputation is based on providing the freshest and tastiest produce. It’s not negotiable.

A wide area of our stores is filled with a vast range of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables. You’ll find large crates of in season produce, like broccoli and squash, at great prices, and your regular needs (like fruit bowl basics, carrots, potatoes and washed salad leaves) are easily found.

We also love to stock the sometimes hard to find items, such as finger limes, spaghetti squash, mangosteens, cumquat, custard apples, jackfruit, fresh turmeric, truffles and more.

Tasting is so important, so you know what you are buying – try a sample or just ask us. Don’t forget that the more colours you consume, the healthier your balanced diet.


Jordan, master of the market

We start every day at 3am with a trip to the markets – well, Jordan does!

Jordan is responsible for ensuring that the range of fruit and vegetables, their quality and their price, are always top notch at The Good Grocer stores.

Jordan always has a preference firstly to buy local WA grown, in season produce; before casting the net to the rest of Australia, and then overseas for the out of our season produce.

A stickler for quality, Jordan’s  reputation precedes him. Growers, with whom he have established long and mutually trusting relationships, know what is expected and they strive to consistently deliver to The Good Grocer high standards.