Everything you need. from bread and milk, to fresh fruit, veg, meat and dairy to pantry staples and ready-to-go tasty morsels.
discover the best of WA produce and international foods, explore our seriously splendid range of cheese, and enjoy a taste of our kitchen’s finest prepared meals. if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll help.

Fruit & Veg

We start every day at 3am with a trip to the markets – so you can enjoy freshness, flavour and the finest value for money. Come in and buy what you need or order online.

What's in Store


There's nothing like the aroma of fresh bread straight out of the oven every morning.

What's in Store

Meat & Seafood

Grazed, farmed or wild caught, our fresh meat and seafood is selected on quality and flavour, and prepared for your convenience by real butchers and mongers.

What's in Store

Serious Cheese

As committed curd nurds, we are passionate about introducing you to the seriously sensory world of cheese. Come in for a taste - it's hard to resist.

What's in Store


Look in our fridge for the best local, national and international dairy products. You’ll also find cold-pressed juices, free range eggs and specialty chilled drinks.

What's in Store


Open every day our deli serves delicious options that save you time and fill your life and larder with more flavour. Eat now or take home for later.

What's in Store
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