Our kitchen is the heart of our store – serving hot and cold prepared meals that you can devour right away, as well as prepared meals that you can heat and eat later.

The chefs are on the go all day to make sure you always have a delicious choice for every meal. It goes without saying that all ingredients are sourced for flavour, quality and freshness.


Some say it is the most important meal of the day. So don’t skip it.

For a sweet start, choose from fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt and pastries. And for the savoury start, you can’t ignore a ham & cheese croissant toasted to order, a bacon and egg roll, or order your own brand of special toastie.

Hydrate with a fresh juice or other healthy drink from the fridge.


Apart from sandwiches, wraps and rolls made to order, our chefs prepare daily specials and roasted meat each day.

Our deli counter also has a great range of pies, English pork pies, quiches, frittatas, scotch eggs, salmon patties, samosas, sausage rolls and salads to choose from.


Each evening we always offer a choice of four meals with roast and steamed veggies, and rice, potatoes, or mash, always on the side. Each at a set price of $10.95/meal.

Depending on the chef’s choice of what’s fresh and best each day you can usually select from:

  • a pasta dish
  • a roast meat dinner and gravy
  • a salmon fillet
  • a vegetarian dish
  • or a curry with rice.

Meals to go

Looking for a quick option to heat and eat later? The Good Grocer Collection offers a ready-made meals that can be ready to eat in a jiffy, such as Tom Yum Brown Fried Rice, curry, Japanese-style meals and carbonara pasta.