Ready to eat, heat or cook. We love our food as much as you do, so we make every effort to offer a variety of fresh and appetising options every day as well as shelf specialty items. We’d like to think we stock what you need, but let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Choose from our deli counter or our kitchen servery for a wide selection of meals and snacks. Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets are catered for too. Our chefs start planning, prepping and cooking at 4.30am, ready to open the doors at 7am, to serve freshly made bread, breakfast, lunch and dinner until 8pm.

Find out what’s cooking in our kitchen


Each day we offer a selection of freshly made salads, perfect for your lunch, a picnic or as a complement to your dinner. We use the freshest seasonal fruit & veg that we buy at the markets at the crack of dawn each day, so you can be sure you’re eating well and healthily.

For example: Chicken Caesar; Brown Rice, Sweet Potato & Bacon; Asian Chicken Noodle; Gourmet Coleslaw; Quinoa & Kale; Freekah; Israeli Couscous.


Choose from readymade sandwiches or select your own bread and ingredients. With fillings galore, you can create anything from the deli such as artichokes, grilled capsicum, semidried toms, three meats or classic rare roast beef.

We are at the ready to grate, wrap it and roll to prepare your favourite combo.


Don’t skip the most important meal of the day.

For a sweet start, choose from fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt and pastries.

And for the savoury start, you can’t ignore a ham & cheese croissant toasted to order, a bacon and egg roll, or order your own brand of special toastie.

Fresh juices and healthy drinks are in the fridge.


Apart from sandwiches, wraps and rolls made to order, we prepare daily specials and roasted meat each day plus self serve hot meals available in most of our stores.

Our deli counter also has a great range of pies, English pork pies, quiches, frittatas, scotch eggs, salmon patties, samosas, sausage rolls and salads to choose from.

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Most of our stores offer delicious options of self serve hot meals and salads plus roast meals at the Deli.

At our Applecross store, each evening, from 4pm, we offer a choice of meals. Roast and steamed veggies, mash and gravy always on the side.

Depending on the chef’s choice of what’s fresh and best each day you can usually choose from:

  • a pasta dish
  • a roast meat
  • a fish dish or fillet
  • a vegetarian dish
  • or a curry with rice.

Contact your favourite location to find out what’s cooking for dinner!

Meals to go

Looking for a quick option to heat and eat later? We offer a large range of ready-made meals that can be ready to eat in a jiffy. Check out the various options in our fridge.

Cheeses from WA, Australia and around the world

The Good Grocer is seriously into cheese. We invite you to explore the best cheeses from WA and beyond. Choose from your regular cheddar, brie and blue or discover your new favourite. Tastings are always on offer. Select a ready cut and wrapped cheese or we will cut to order for you, unless you want the whole round.

Find out more about our serious cheese range

Cold meats

Shaved and cut to order or prepacked for your convenience. You’ll find we have sourced from the best.

Our extensive range includes – free range Margaret River rare roast beef, locally made and imported salami, prosciutto, cacciatore, chorizo, serrano and small goods from Princi, D’Orsogna, Mondo Doro.

At Christmas enjoy delectable dry-cured Spanish ham, the very special Jamón Iberico de Bellota.


Our bakery offers a selection of fresh bread and pastries, ranging from sliced bread to artisan loaves and rolls, muffins, pretzels, and croissants.

Our own exclusive range of sourdough loaves and rolls are freshly baked 7 days a week and put on the shelf at 7am.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can indulge in cakes and slices made fresh and locally.

If you need a special order for a morning tea or special occasion, we can make muffins, pretzels, slices and cakes to order.

Catering and platters made to order

Having a small gathering or a special occasion party? Don’t stress, our chefs are your chefs – at the ready to cater to your preferences. Just come in or call your favourite location for a chat.

  • Cocktail party
  • Cheese platter
  • Picnic
  • Lazy lunch
  • Dinner party
  • Cakes
  • Desserts